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2 methods of drug taking
1)Pitting MDMA into a cigarette paper, sealing it up by twisting it and swallowing whole
2)A method of burning cannabis resin, by putting it into a piece of paper or foil, twisting both ends to form a shape similar to that of a sweet, then heating it with a lighter
"I just had a bomb of MD mate"
"You perch, I'll bomb this rock"
by Dethknight July 15, 2003
The simplest American President, end of the very slow deterioration or noticable intelligence that began soon after the assasiation of JFK. A man that cannot speak even American English without difficulty (see above refrences), and is being pushed toward world domination, beginning with crushing weak previous war allies with different, though perfectly valid government structures, that have nothing to do with the west, by the vice president and other sects of the US government
"Bush is a fucking idiot, what kind of anarchist wannabe would actually think that he was pulling the strings?"
"No idea mate, the bloke can't pronounce Sadam, just as well bomb him!"
by Dethknight July 15, 2003

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