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Someone who has massively large pectorals muscles, strong enough to bench-press 2 cows, WITH NO ARMS.

This person also guzzles energy drinks and strives to have sex 24/7.
Guy 1: Dude! Did u see that guy with no arms having sex in public with that blond chick, while bench-pressing 2 cows and drinking Monster through his soda hat?

Guy 2: Ya, he was Carl Astbury
by Destructo Man of Spaghetti April 04, 2011
Someone who is commonly mistaken for

Cody Emmerson. (2 'm's) Unlike Emmerson, Cody Emerson has about 1,314,000 seconds of sex more per year. Contrary to popular belief, his crotch is the size of an elephant, and has the pain tolerance of Chuck Norris injected with morphine!
Guy 1: Did u see that guys crotch?

Guy 2: Yea, that thing was freaking huge! He stood in the road and had a speeding truck run into that thing.

Guy 1: He must be Cody Emerson!
by Destructo Man of Spaghetti April 04, 2011
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