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The school in S. Hadley, MA. Oldest women's college in the United States, first of the seven sisters, founded by revolutionary educator Mary Lyon. Associated with Daphne of Scooby Doo in the Five College urban legend. While a top liberal arts college, Mount Holyoke distinguishes itself with its commitment to free thinking and its very strong commitment to social works.
MHC is also known for its beautiful campus, which regularly ranks in the top ten.
As a politically liberal all women's school, MHC has a reputation for having a vocal gay population, but is viewed as a kinder, gentler alternative to the militant, manly lesbianism of Smith College. MHC is also seen as more friendly to males with the yearly dances "Undressage" and "Vegas Night," where the girls parade in lingerie.
This is a school for overachievers.
The Historical expression among Harvard boys was, "Smith to bed, Mount Holyoke to wed."

MoHo: "I took thirty tests this week and wrote four hundred pages in papers, so this weekend I'm gonna get smashed and go dance in my underwear. I earned it, damnit! And then, on Monday afternoon after class, I'm going to go tutor poverty-striken orphans. Tuesday I campaign on the social cause of the week. It's just the Mount Holyoke lifestyle!"
by DestinyZimmer May 12, 2008

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