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A mash-up of squee and queer, communicating a particularly gay or queer level of excitement, excitement expressed specifically by an LGBTQ person, or excitement about something queer.

Extra "e"s can be added to increase level of excitement. Example: "Squeeeeeere!"
I just saw Zac Efron at the supermarket! SQUEERE!
by DesignerDaddy October 01, 2013
Similar to the traditional use of the word when describing someone dressed up as the opposite gender, it can also be used to describe someone dressed in a particular manner, uniform or costume that is contrary to their everyday identity.
I've got on my tuxedo, bow tie and cummerbund — I'm in total prom drag!

I've got on my apron, hair in rollers, doing laundry — I'm in full housewife drag!
by DesignerDaddy August 29, 2013

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