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The act of taking at LEAST a week (5 Days annual leave) off work/school/college/university to commence non-stop hardcore playing of Halo on the X-Box. Originating with Halo 2 on X-Box live, Halo Holiday is encouraged in some circles to improve Halo 3 play/rank/skill levels. Interaction with the outside world/humans is allowed only at the point of halo'ed out.
Colleague 1) Where the hell is Mike? He's not been in for a few days.
Colleague 2) He's back on Monday, he's been on a Halo Holiday.
Colleague 1) Geek.
by Descendo November 08, 2007
The process of urinating after an extensive bowel movement; PPP can occur regardless of urine passing initially, or at any time related to a particular toilet visit.

After bowel movement, PPP will both relieve and assure the participant that the visit is over. PPP is also known to cause a side symptom of drooling or salivation along with eye watering; the exact cause of this is still unconfirmed, but is linked to relief and satisfactory from various glands in the human body.
Human 1.) Are you still in the toilet?
Human 2.) Yeah, sorry taking a bit of time.
Human 3.) I thought you were going for a number 2? I can hear you urinating.
Human 4.) Don’t fret; it’s just the latter end of Post Poo Piss.
Human 5.) Oh, okay. Don’t drool on the floor, I just hoovered in there.
by Descendo January 12, 2010

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