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Refers to the ass of a country girl. Know this booty by the "britches" or shorts that they wear that are usually too small and accentuate the booty of a white girl that would otherwise have no ass. This ass goes "Left right left" while in motion.
"Yo Billy Joe I was at the pool hall last night and a nice lookin' philly came in with a phat honky tonk badonkadonk!"
by Desaundrea Morton-Pusey October 03, 2006
A term that is used in reference to how fast a person can run or move. Used in the movie The Longest Yard by comedian Chris Rock in reference to rapper Nelly's fast feet and evasive action on the mock football field. The term predates the movie back to the time of slavery when masters would speak of the toughness of the feet of their slaves due to hardened skin on the bottom of their feet a condition caused by running or moving without shoes at a fast pace.
While watching the Notre Dame game someone shouted "That boy has slave feet!" as the running back ran in for the touchdown.
by Desaundrea Morton-Pusey September 14, 2006
The "Pole Troll Patrol" see Pole Troll is a group of gay men that gather and hunt in groups. This gaggle of gays can be found in your local supermarket, mall or even in your school, huddled together and checking out all the straight guys that they think they can turn to their side. Distinguishing characteristics are neck rolls and an abundance use of the words " I would let him ride me three ways to Sunday!" followed by group cheers.
Jeff: Ah shit!! There goes Sweetie and the Pole Troll Patrol! How am I ever gonna be able to change my clothes in this locker room with them standing around!?
Kenneth: I don't know man, but I know I saw them looking me up and down again.
Jeff: Fuck this shit man I'm outta here!
by Desaundrea Morton-Pusey December 03, 2006
A pole troll denotes a gay man that is seriously attracted and crazy about another man's penis as common trolls in fairy tales are attracted and crazy about bridges. Know a pole troll by the wide grin that he gives your genital area even when covered as though he can see being screwed by you before he knows if you are in fact gay.
Kenneth: Yo Jeff, you got a pole troll on your ass buddy.
Jeff: Fuck man! He has been trailing me all week, I can't shake this guy!
by Desaundrea Morton-Pusey December 03, 2006
A phrase used to denote the presence of a second party female that is involved with a married man and resides in that man's home with his wife. "The Shadow" will `float' around behind, call excessively, and question constantly the married man, all in an attempt to gain his favor forever. "The Shadow is known to check your cell phone, screen your calls to home(even if they are from your boss),erase your voice messages so you don't get them, and frequently cops an attitude if your attention is NOT on her 24/7.
Me: Dad can you run me to the mall? I need to pick up new sneakers for your grandson.
My Dad: Hold on a sec, The Shadow is hanging about. You know I can't say shit when she is around.
by Desaundrea Morton-Pusey September 14, 2006
This word refers to all children that are younger than you and are very badly behaved and tend to act heavily on the ignorant side. Race, color and creed have nothing to do with a child being a nigglet. A child is a nigglet when they are disrespectful to adults or other children that are not bothering them, and have no respect for authority figures of any kind; the police being the top of the list. Nigglets make themselves known by cursing and making smart ass remarks at the most inappropriate times, often while they are surrounded by other nigglets. You will know a nigglet has plucked your VERY last nerve when you feel the urge to beat their ass then take them home to their parent/guardian and have THEM beat their ass beat again. Please note that nigglets can also be your very own children in that they make smart ass remarks when they have been reprimanded and the afore mentioned comments are uttered under their breath and usually when they think they are out of your hearing range.
"That little nigglet over there was cussing like a sailor! I haven't heard half the things that child was saying in my lifetime!" OR "Mom you won't believe what that little nigglet grandson of your said after I told him he was grounded!"
by Desaundrea Morton-Pusey October 03, 2006

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