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When you spit into a girl's mouth, then shove your dick in it.
Spittoes are fuckin' disgusting to woman, but it doesn'e feel wrong to men.
by Derick Ross March 28, 2003
A sick, twisted, demented whore who does anything for money.
That slut's a fuckin' gibbonheimer. I heard that she once fucked an entire football team.
by Derick Ross March 29, 2003
Insted of a girlfriend(yucky!) or boyfriend(yay!) its a gayfriend. get it????????? kewl!!!!1
Billie Jos mah gayfriend!!1 ~_^
by Derick Ross May 29, 2005
When you dig your toungue into a woman's snatch and you suck the juice out and spit it back in her vagina.
Lara: good gravy, i never knew that a flurpy could pleasure me in such a way.
by Derick Ross March 28, 2003
a very large six-sided vibrator with jagged ends and suction cups.
Funcles are often used at slumber parties.
by Derick Ross March 29, 2003
Sloppy, sticky, very wet butt-sex with a woman.
Megan loves sloopy sex.
by Derick Ross March 28, 2003

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