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Usually a person that floats around in the background and seems to hate anyone that has anything better than themselfs. This person usually looks retarded with larger than average sized head, funny eyes, so you can't tell if he looking at you or not, stupid BIG haircut and in the worse case scenario owns (or would like to own) a macintosh. This person won't get a job because he is scared of leaving his house. They are usually trekkies too. Anyone who say's anything indifferent to this persons' opinion is considered a twat, and should be cast away to never be seen again. This person also lies to people by saying he has "cancer" or "a member of the family has died", to try and win sympathy over them to get attention. They also think they are talented in there own field and if anyone is better they thinks it a person hatred towards them. They also have a very low personal hygiene and where the same clothes thoughout a week. Overall if you see anyone matching this discription stay clear of them because once you say hello to them or even noticing there existence, they will cling onto you like a quackpot and never leave you alone again.
Clive: Hay, (spasstard} I have bought a new AMD64 PC with 2GB broadband.

At this point spasstard is getting very pissed off and is picking up a knife.

Clive: Whats wrong mate?

Spasstard: You only bought that, because you know I only have a intel pentium 1 computer with windows 95.

Clive: No... I bought because I have a job and want to move on in life.

Spasstard: AAGGHH I hate you! You bastard!

Clive: Fuck Off you Spasstard.
by Derick Nobcheese October 01, 2004
This theorum is used by the most excellent minds that this world has ever produced (Derren Brown). If done correctly the man or woman (woman rarely) can answer a question correctly before it is asked! With 100% results everytime! It was discovered by the Queen of South East Asia in 1381, and has been passed down through the South East Asia royalty. Their was talk that two student's in England once developed the theorum and used it to pass their GCSE examinations. They also went into Who Wants To Be A Millionaire and were chucked out instantly, before even getting to meet Chris Tarrant! This theorum is very special and if you have developed it you'll be one of a kind.
Answer: England

Question: Who won world cup 1966?
by Derick Nobcheese August 24, 2004
A kick ass film, with the best special effects.
Fuck me the matrix is a good film!!
by derick nobcheese November 07, 2003
Its another one of those messenger acronym's like lol, PMSL and LMAO. It stands for:

Don't Let The Bastards Grind You Down
Hayley: My ex keeps ignoring me!
Hayley: Thanx xx
by Derick Nobcheese October 06, 2006
A copy of something done in their own style, usually crapper.
Atomic Kitten have bastardisation a song again!
Apple have bastardisation microsoft, or tried to.
by derick nobcheese December 05, 2003
Bunch of pricks from southampton. They usually dress in a red and white striped shirt.
Just look up southampton and you have your example of a scummer.
by Derick Nobcheese February 24, 2005

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