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A group of DOUCHEBAGS that give games total overkill ratings. They make a "guideline" that retricts everything. FUCK ESRB they think that kids who are 12 can't handle cartoonish graphics violence (team fortress 2) They base the maturaty of an age group on a bunch of kids with an IQ of 60. GO DIE ESRB. They should be sued all at once by Rockstar, Valve, Bungie, Take 2, Activision, IGN. Hopefully they will file for banrupcy, then suicide. Then the world would be a better place when minors can play FUN games. Then ESRB would go to hell for avoiding game publishers to get money. FUCK ESRB
Me: Mum, can I buy Team Fortress 2?
Mum: No
Me; How come?
mum:because it is rated M
Me: but...
mum: ESRB SAID SO!!!!
by Derek445 April 26, 2008

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