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To be shot in the head by the dying will bullet (from katekyo hitman REBORN!)

When this happens, ones clothes rip off (Exept of the under garments)

The recipiant becomes super strong, fast and can do anything!!!

Can also be used to discribe ones determination
Guy 1. When jim failed his math test, he studied like crazy to get his grade up

Guy 2. Yah, its as if he was REBORN!
by Derek Zoolander III April 07, 2008
the act of turning something simple into a full scale random production
Guy 1. hey dude, the other day John was turning everything into a makemebad.

Guy 2. How?

Guy 1. well, we were just trying to mow his law, and he kept going on about his wooden aligator, the game of monopoly I played with me the other day and continued to tell me to jerk off!

Guy 2. sounds hillarious

Guy 1. oh, it was!!!
by Derek Zoolander III April 07, 2008
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