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A woman who engages in anal sex. It may refer simply to a woman who 'takes it in the ass', or it may refer to a woman who prefers it 'in the ass'. The distinction is contextual. Not to be confused with a backdoor man, who sleeps with married women.
I never have to worry about the rag with her; she's a backdoor woman.
by Der Golem January 26, 2010
Involuntary or habitual grinding of the teeth, typically during sleep.
The erosion of his teeth betrayed the presence of bruxism; consequently, his dentist provided him with a mouthpiece to wear at night.
by Der Golem February 18, 2012
A monotonous, expressionless person, lacking any enthusiasm or emotion. The term comes from hospital lingo, where a patient is said to flatline when a continuous straight line is displayed on their heart monitor, indicating death.
"...as excited as that flatline can get. I had to remind him twice to keep breathing."
by Der Golem February 07, 2010
A person who engages in somnambulistic eating, often ingesting large quantities of food rapidly and without restraint. Sleep eaters are known to be indiscriminate in their selection, combining foods both hot and cold, dishes spoiled or rotten, and substances that are toxic or even life-threatening. Further injury may occur from the careless preparation or acquisition of food items (cutting meat with a knife; removing goods from a stove, oven, or boiling pot; or opening a can or other container).
Randy is a hopeless sleep eater, rising from bed as if rising from the dead, night after night, gorging himself on all the pantry can hold.
by Der Golem February 18, 2012

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