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Super rich ass town in Central New Jersey's Somerset county. The Mountain side of it is sickly wealthy. The otherside of it consists of upper-middle/middle class people who are mostly white and a fairly large hispanic population who work to service all the other people in town and the bordering wealthy towns as well. Someone said the Basking Ridge is wealthier but is ill-informed. Per-capita income in B R is $56,000 and in Bernardsville it is $70,000.

Just for reference, the Beverly Hills per capita income is $66,000.

BTW, my Jewish Doctor lives there and the movie theatre there is awesome and more towns should emulate
Resident 1: What should we do with all these illegals in town?

Resident 2: We gotta keep em', or who's gonna wash the dishes at the overpriced restaurants in town or mow our grass.

Newly arrived from California resident 3: You better wake up and purge em' or Bernardsville will be third world within 10 years. Rich mountain, all the rest Mariachi town, Trust me!!!!
by Deport February 08, 2010

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