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1) A show containing child actress Miranda Cosgrove and other seventh rate actors whose names nobody knows because they weren't in School of Rock.

2) A show in which there is no more than 7 seconds in between laughtracks.

3) A show created by the fat pedophile Dan Schneider, the man who thinks he knows how to reach the teenage audience (as far as comedy) with such phrases as "Holy Chiz" and "What up with the hat?". Also behind most of the atrocities on the Nickelodeon network that the executives think (wrongly) are worth the time in money.

4) Shit.
I gotta go take an iCarly.
by Dennycrumbubble June 20, 2010
the area on the side of a girl's face where her make-up partially blends with her actual skin, though still in a very noticeable way.
T: hey did you see Maria yesterday?
N: yeah she had an event horizon going on.
T: i know it was so nasty.
by Dennycrumbubble November 16, 2010
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