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3 definitions by Demongurl

Jalapeno with salmonella.
Holy shit! I just tasted salapeno in my nachos!
by Demongurl July 25, 2008
The act of making a b-line for the shitter before having a massive load of beef stew fill your panties.
1-After eating at Taco Bell, Scott had a bad case of the running exploders.

2-Holy shit! I think I just blew the back of the toilet out with my running exploders.
by Demongurl August 11, 2007
In Spanish they pronounce their "J's" as an "H" hence the name HUNIOR MINTS.
Omg! *spanish accent* These Hunior Mints (SP) are spec-fuckin-tacular!

Jesus = Hesus, Jump = Hump, Juice = Huice (hoou-ice), Janitor = Hanitor, Jello = Hello
by Demongurl July 25, 2008