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2 definitions by DemonWolfBlood

One of the best short sci fi series. Most people give up watching the series after the first 7 minutes due to all the violence, nudity, etc, but the show itself isn't all about gore and blood. The series shows great depth in human character, has romance, drama, and psychological themes. Many critics rate it a 9 out of 10.

The main character of the show is Lucy, who is the first of a new species, the Diclonius. She has vectors which resemble hands and can vibrate them at high speeds to slice objects and people in half. Also, she is able to reproduce others of her kind by spreading an infections. This provides a great danger to the Homo Sapiens. As the story progresses, it reveals more about her past and childhood.
"Elfen Lied is so bloody, but the story is very well thought out."
by DemonWolfBlood September 14, 2008
One of the few things that make anime look really bad. Fanbrats are very immature cartoon fans that flame anyone who has a different opinion than them. Usually young girls, they usually go after male anime characters that have dark and troubled personalities ex. Sasuke from Naruto or Shadow from Sonic.
One of my YouTube videos "Pervy Hinata Comics" get spammed because fanbrats tell me I'm "defacing" Naruto by putting in some shippings they don't agree with.
by DemonWolfBlood September 16, 2008