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to exclaim with excitement, fear or annoyance.
1. Holy shindig!! I'm falling!
2. Holy shindig shut the fuck up you fucktard!!
3. Holy shindig I got a PS3 for X-mas
4. (Me) "Boo!"
(You) "Holy shindig Batman!!!"
by DemonSmack February 09, 2007
A combination of shit and damn. Easily gotten away with.
Sham! I dropped my pencil!!
by DemonSmack February 25, 2007
A "violent pop" (as the band itself says)band that makes really good music. People may say oh they're so emo. Well, I'd like to see you fucking prove it! They make music that saves lives! Most people haven't updated lately so I'll fill you in ;)
We all know the band members(if you don't, why the fuck are you looking them up?)
Gerard Way
Mikey Way
Frank Iero
Ray Toro
and Bob Bryar
Five fucking awesome guys that have souls unlike some of these media washed up fucktards that try to make good music.
Another thing-CDs
I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love
Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge
and the latest addition,
The Black Parade
The band's music style has changed quite a bit in sound but they still rock all the same. The new CD is well worth having! I can always come home from a bad day and blast MCR from my speakers and feel like nothing can stop me when I finish all three CDs (even though only one song will still do the job)
So, all you ridiculing dip shits and hippocrates can shut up because you know, no other band in the world can amount to MCR and what they stand for (Mcr is = to Metallica in my book) Just not a legend yet cuz they've only been around a few years but when the days comes that they stop playing beacuse they've grown old... that's the day that they live on by word of fans and the CDs will still play everywhere
My Chemical Romance singles:

(I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love)
Vampires Will Never Hurt You
Honey, This Mirror Isn't Big Enough For The Two Of Us
(Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge)
I'm Not OK
The Ghost Of You
(The Black Parade)
Welcome To The Black Parade
Famous Last Words
by DemonSmack February 09, 2007

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