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4 definitions by Demented Macintosh

when a man and a women attempt to have sex and climax on an elevator before it reaches the top floor of the building.
dude, i almost didn't make it in 30 seconds or less. the doors opened while i was pulling up my pants!
by Demented Macintosh December 07, 2009
a black man with a heavy Irish accent
I met an dark africhaun on the street who told me his on a scale of 1-10 on how Irish he was, he was potato.
by Demented Macintosh December 07, 2009
when a group of men sit in a small, tightly packed circle and one at a time go into the center and ejaculate into the air, trying to hit others. women may sit in but may not participate.
we were all so stick after we tried a fountain of youth at Greg's party. there were a few girls there but definitely not worth it
by Demented Macintosh December 07, 2009
A man lights his partners pubes on fire and stomps them out. then, he places his genitals into her mouths and begins moving back and forth vigorously while lighting small patches of her hair on fire and punching them out.
I thought i was going to die after getting a Smokey the Bear from that guy last night...but it sure was fun!
by Demented Macintosh December 07, 2009