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3 definitions by Deltasword

A commonly held belief that after Google purchased Youtube, the site was corrupted in negative ways by the multi-billion dollar company. Most notably, Google's attempt to integrate Google+ (The companies inhouse social networking site) has and is causing public outcry.
"Can you believe that Google is making everyone with a Youtube account use Google+?"

"What's Google+?"

"God damn, google ruined youtube"
by Deltasword November 12, 2013
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Eastern Oregon is defined by the Cascade Mountains that roughly divide Oregon in half, in more than one sense. Past the rain shadowing mountains lies a nearly endless high desert. The state is not only divided geographically, but politically, economically, and culturally. Past the Cascades, Oregon becomes more of a cowboy country. People wear guns on their hips and drive diesel pickup trucks. Most tend to vote on the more conservative ballot. Agriculture dominates the local economy, not excluding logging and small amounts of copper and tin mining.
The local landscapes includes sea's of bunch grasses, sage brush, and hilly to mountainous terrain. Mule deer and coyotes roam free, just as most everything does around there. The "first city" of Eastern Oregon is considered Bend Oregon.
(Western Oregonian):"Dude, have you been out to Eastern Oregon? It's like real different from this place. It's all dry and desert like. Everyone has a gun, and the hills were epic!"
by Deltasword February 02, 2012
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The unfortunate name for a style of music in the Star Wars universe. The famous Cantina Band in a New Hope was playing Jizz.
This Jizz is music to my ears. -Connoisseur of Jizz.
by Deltasword February 11, 2014
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