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Someone who makes a shirt with their face on it, and is awesome enought that people actualy whant to buy them. And they sell them for like $7.

They are also verry lucky with the ladies
Dude, I got a Cesar Shirt
by Delta12 October 26, 2006
The epitome of coolness, and feeling good.

To be spiffy cool, one must first be spiffy, as well as rad, which ultimately results in spiffy coolness.
Spiffy coolness is not stupidity, and is the extreem opposite of depression.

The feeling that one could take on the world, but wont, because they know the world is bigger, and would probably win...

Or: The feeling you get when you eat a Cheesy Gordita Crunch, from Taco bell...
Mirranda: Hey, how are youy today?
Cesar: Im Spiffy Cool Man!
Mirranda: Thats Rad!
by Delta12 October 26, 2006
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