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Derived from the cheetah girls movie, repeatdly said by raven symone.
1: cool
2: a phrase to say in excitement or surprise
3: an immature/ preteen way of saying bootylicous
"Girl you look cheetahlicous!"

" Is my body too cheetahlicous for you baby?"

" Dont hate on my cheetah girls because you cant be as cheetahlicous as they are girlfriend!"
by Deliceux August 02, 2006
a man/ woman that is fine, hot , and dipped in chocolate , everyone desires them and one taste of them and it will drive anyone crazy
A band that was in the movie "coming to america"

(also sexual vanilla which is the same thing different flava!)
"Ladies and gentlemen I would like introduce my band....sexual chocolate, sexual chocolate on the good foot!"

"OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO that boy is fine i just wanna take him and eat his sexual chocolate self up"

" Give me a piece of that sexual chocolate!"
by Deliceux August 02, 2006
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