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Something you say to someone when you are not, in fact, fine at all, but you don't want to worry them.
Person 1: Are you okay?

Person 2: Yeah, I'm fine...

Person 2 is not fine at all.
by DelAnt May 18, 2009
Fans of the band The Killers.
Person 1: Yeah, I'm a fan of The Killers.

Person 2: Oh, so you're one of The Victims?
by DelAnt May 14, 2009
Prose so full of poetic language, it's not really prose, more a mix of the two.
I tried writing a piece of prose, but it turned out more of prosetry.
by DelAnt September 20, 2009
A horndog that is also a whore.
Person 1: I just saw -person- again, staring at girls' chests. Doesn't he have a girlfriend?
Person 2: Yeah, they're a real whorndog.
by DelAnt April 06, 2009
When, on a sunny day, you hide in the shadow of a lardy person's lard to escape getting a sunburn.
Oh god! It's too hot out-time to take part in some fatshadowing, gang.
by DelAnt September 25, 2009
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