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Using chocolate bars for sexual pleasure.
Deirdre twanged herself off to daytime tv with the help of chocolate wanking sticks.
by Deirdre January 06, 2004
Slang for a sexually transmitted disease rising in popularity in the United States. Its most common among drug users and the pooper areas. The proper name for "the garf" is Bacterial Intestinal Miracitis. The disorder is known to last over a span of years and can be controlled by sulfonamide class synthetic antibiotics.

The worst fact about the Garf is that there is no known protection against its infection, not even condoms. Symptoms are subtle at first and bloom within a 2 to 3 months. Initial symptoms include fatigue, sleep pattern changes, dry mouth, and muscle ache. Anyone with this disease should be checked in immediately.
Jen gave Tim the garfer so I'll be at his funeral.
by Deirdre November 22, 2004
Assclunch originated from the the latin phrase "A mari usque ad marius" which was a sexual act where the Emperor of Rome would two butt cheeks, one a man, one a woman and insert his penis between them both, effectively making himself an instant-bisexual.
He assclunched in the club with Helga and Bruce!
by Deirdre November 15, 2004
1. trick
2. twat
3. teabagger
4. tubularly germophobic
that crazy emily fingerpainted all over my no-no place!
by deirdre March 31, 2003
Obese northerner with severe b.o. problems
PJ asked that young boy if he could suck his dick and the boy said "Fuck off you fat smelly old queer"
by Deirdre August 04, 2003

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