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1 definition by DefinitionDefined

"Princess" in Hebrew. Sarah is an extraordinary musician, usually focusing on the piano or flute. She is undeniably beautiful with an incredible fashion sense. Sarah is a strong and determined young woman who tries hard to always do what is right. She loves to have fun and laugh and has a wonderful sense of humor. Everyone wants to be a Sarah. The downside to being a Sarah is that her extreme fabulousness tends to anger those who are less fortunate. Beware of jealous and petty girls. You are the flame and they are the moths. Sarah, being pretty much perfect, will accept the criticisms of the jealous and petty in a mature and calculated fashion. This usually results in everyone realizing just how ridiculous jealousy can be. Sarah ends up as the princess and the "mean girls" end up looking silly.
Guy #1 "Who is that amazing woman?"
Guy #2 "Who that? That's Sarah."
Girl #1 "I wish I were Sarah..."
Girl #2 "We all do!"
by DefinitionDefined March 01, 2010