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Could be a synonymn for either Pervy Dugan, Horny Dugan, or Tomato-Leafy Dugan. An ex-boyfriend who masturbates a lot.
He's such a Masturbaty Dugan. He masturbates in biology class...during a frog dissection.
by Definition-Dugan April 14, 2004
I broke up with Pervy Dugan because he talked about lesbian porn and masturbation on our first date, and told me his fantasies of seeing me with another girl...and honey, I highly doubt that.
Pervy Dugan: Do you masturbate?

Me: This is our first date, Pervy Dugan.
by Definition-Dugan April 14, 2004
One of my ex-boyfriends. (See also Distributy Dugan) He was a drug-dealer, and he was really weird.
I was talking to Stony Dugan the other day about the time he smoked pot in school.
by Definition-Dugan April 14, 2004
An ex-boyfriend of mine who always wanted to get in my pants/skirt and who always wanted me to get in his pants in public. And in my parents' office and stuff.
Then Horny Dugan got mad at me because I wouldn't give him a hand-job in the kitchen.
by Definition-Dugan April 14, 2004

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