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A a girl or boy (usual a girl and usually in the early to mid teens) who gets online exclusively to have sexual relations with just about anyone they can. Often they will do this through "Role-Playing" in which they will try to place their 'original' or chosen characters in 'sexual relationships' with their favorite- or characters they find 'sexy' in an already existing series, movie, comic, book ect. They sometimes do this because they are a fan of several particular 'parings' of characters from these series. When they're not being (a sexier version of) themselves- or their own slutty original character they'll 'become' one of the parties of a paring they like and whore that party out to every second party they can find who is willing to cyber with them. In reality these people are fat, ugly and extremely lonely (usually a thick, nasty combination of all three) and because of years of not getting any cock or pussy (or simply knowing they'll never get any), they turn to the internet where they can hide their fuck-ugly selves behind the guise of a cute anime boy / girl and do everything a typical whore irl (which they probably hate and look down on) would do.
e-whore: "Hi there. *She blushes*"

You: "Hey. :)"

e-whore: "How are you? *She looks at your body, still blushing*"

You: "I'm good, how are you?"

e-whore: "*She sighs* I'm just really lonely...."

You: "Aw, thats no good."

e-whore: "*She touches your body."

Scenario one:

You: "Fuck off slut. lol" Often the reaction of one experienced with e-whores.

e-whore: "You're mean!!! I'm not a slut!!! *rages and or blocks you while moving on to continue or start sucking off / fucking several other people she has on private chat.*

Scenario two:

You: "...." Usually the reaction of someone who is wondering what the hell is going on or perhaps enjoy the idea of an easy e-fuck.

e-whore: *She begins to take off her clothes* You don't need to be told what comes next. The e-whore will repeat these steps until her daddy/mommy tells her its time to get off the computer; after which they will probably make a long winded post telling the internet how much their parents and their life sucks and usually a whole lot of other emo shit before going offline for a few hours and then the cycle starts all over again once back online.
by Defineyou2 January 28, 2011
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