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3 definitions by Defiled

A maneveur used in hockey fights developed by youth hockey coach Jules Winnfield which involves grabbing the opposing player's jersey over his head and repeatedly punching him in the stomach.

The name comes from Jules' hometown, Inglewood, CA.
Did you hear about Dean McAmmond? He got Inglewood Jacked and is now out for the rest of the season.
by Defiled May 10, 2005
The last day of serenity in this fucked up country.
The '90s ended with 9/11/01. Oh how I wish I could live September 10th forever.
by Defiled September 10, 2005
Short for Square Whore. Used to describe gamers who are obsessed with Squaresoft's endless Final Fantasy series, plus any other crap the company churns out.
Joe watched "Advent Children" 10 times. He's a real squore.
by Defiled March 04, 2006