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A highly controversial form of music. This is divided into two main categories: "old-school hip-hop," and "new-school hip-hop."

“Old-school hip-hop” refers to the time when this particular genre of music came into widespread popularity. This was the time in which the artist had to strive to make excellent songs in order to expand the number of people that chose to listen to the music. This is often referred to as “the good old days of hip-hop.”

“New-school hip-hop” is entirely different from “Old-school hip-hop.” The main difference is the lack of talent and time required to make a ‘hit.’ The art of making a hip-hop song in this new age is simple:

1) Create a catchy melody of short duration (minimum of 1 second, maximum of 8). Repeat this melody throughout the entire song, without a break. It is permitted to change the octave of the melody, and any instrument (including a voice) is acceptable. The only rules this melody must adhere to is that it is a) short, and b) repetitive.

2) Write the lyrics. The lyrics must pertain to one or more of the following subjects:

a) partying
b) how much money the artist has
c) how famous the artist is
d) how attractive the subject female (or more rarely, male) is, and the features which cause that attraction
e) what position and method of sex the artist did with, or wants to do to, the subject female (or male)

3) The song MUST be repetitive to the point of annoyance and it must take no longer than 30 minutes to completely write the music and lyrics.

Those not making the clear distinction between when hip-hop was widely-considered good and its current state (extremely poor), are just as closed-minded and pathetic as those who listen to hip-hop in its current state and actually draw enjoyment from it.
Here's a list of monotonous new-age hip hop:
Cassie - Me and U
Akon - Smack That
Nelly Furtado - Say it Right
and many, MANY more
by Defender0fConsciousThinking February 14, 2007

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