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Suburb city of South East Phoenx reppin' the 480 all day. Also known as C-Town. Home to a grip of pobre mexicanos looking for trabajo, as well as a good amount of upper class respectable types. On of the fastest growing cities in the nation, and jam packed full of MILFs from all walks of life.
If your heading into the Valley this weekedend you should stop in Chandler and pick up a few ese's to fix the roof.

If you go to a work out facility or mall in C-Town you are bound to run into sweet honeys all day.
by Deezey August 21, 2007
A person of either sex that is that is clearly not gay or acting gay. Yet they show no intrest or desire for someone of the opposite sex.
Walt is such a toodnoodler. He knows Yolanda is in love with him, but he won't even talk to her. Let alone date her.

I really like Oscar, but when he tried to kiss me I puked on him. I think I am becoming a toodnoodler.

by deezey August 28, 2007

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