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named for its creator, a deep, penetrating ass-grab that often includes portions of the grundle and/or vagina
Last night, I saw Gifty administer the gift to at least four different people.


Nothing can clear out a party faster than an asshole who is creeping around giving the gift.


One of these days, Keith is going to get arrested or killed for giving the gift to the wrong chick.
by DeezEnUTees April 17, 2007
another term for an extremely long wang
When it came down to it, Shelia was afraid to take Dickey home because the rumors of his hobbit arm.


"Long" John Smith, a basketball player from the early 80's, had such a problem with his hobbit arm that he had to tape to his leg before every game to avoid injury.
by DeezEnUTees April 17, 2007

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