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1950-70's word for dibs
Man 1: Cobs on the last slice of pie!
Man 2: What?
Man 1: Cobs! It means I claim that slice of pie.
Man 2: Dude, who uses that word anymore?!
by Deeshceel September 10, 2008
A POWERFUL explosion that within itself causes additional explosions that under no circumstances anyone can survive. The entire universe could be destroyed by such a powerful blast.
Evilman: Once I set them up a bomb the explosion will be so extraordinary it'll be a supernatural explosion! It will be a explosive explosion!!!
by Deeshceel September 10, 2008
The evil life threatening version of a Hadoken. Its said that this fireball will eventually suck you into itself and hurl you into the enemy for a double kill for both opponents. Prolonged use will cause massive abdominal pain, swelling of hands and loss of awareness. No one knows who originally created the attack. It's power is so massive its said to be able to cause black holes.
Man 1: Let's do this! I'm going to finish you with my ultimate move THE HADORYU!!!
Man 2: Crap!!
Man 2: LOL FAIL!
Man 1&2: *screams of agony*
by Deeshceel September 11, 2008
A word some people use to try and sound mature.
Guy 1: He does such silly stunts some times.
Guy 2: Agreed. That last one was especially asinine.
Guy 1: ...what are you, 80?
by Deeshceel May 06, 2009

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