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When you jiz in an ice cube tray than later when your woman asks for a drink you use those ice cubes to cool off he drink.
Celeste was thirsty so I gave her ass a saskatchewan snowstorm
by DeesNuts February 17, 2005
When you put a beer in your glove, so as to not be seen drinking a delicious beverage by Ski Patrol
No, sir, Im not drinking a beer, I'm just smelling the glove
#smelling #the glove #snowboarding #pipe gloves #beer
by Deesnuts March 19, 2014
Come home a little earlier than normal one day. Before you open the door, start whacking off. Just before you nut, ring the doorbell and cover the peephole. When your girl opens the door to see who it is, bust a load right in her face and proudly announce "Honey, I'm home!".
Im giving Lisa the Sticky Ricky for Valentines Day
by DeesNuts February 17, 2005
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