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2 definitions by Deep Needle

1. Multiple shotgun killer 2. Murderer of a convenience store clerk 3. Murderer of a husband, wife and daughter who ran a motel 4. co-Wrote booklets, not books, that amount to less than a single highschool essay 5. Never apologized for the murders 6. Never admitted to the murders - that might hurt his capital habeas case 7. Coward who uses peace as a cover for fear of the lethal injection
Tookie gets put down by the guards. Tookie is on his final appeal. Just about anyone can get nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize, including Tookie. Tookie will never actually win a Nobel peace prize. Tookie's veins are bulging and popping at the sight of The Deep Needle.
by Deep Needle July 31, 2005
593 289
Multiple shotgun killer.
Tookie shotgun killed a store clerk. Then a week later, Tookie shotgun killed a father, mother and daughter.
by Deep Needle August 20, 2005
311 176