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noun. Term used to describe person(s) of puerto rican or carribean descent (with tan or darker complection), who are arrogant, ignorant, loud, and enjoys shitty mainstream R&B rap music. Usually a Puerto Rican residing in the asshole of the United States known as New York City.
The cops pulled over a car full of niggericans, they were going down the street playing loud raggaetone music with their hair braided, smokin' blunts with a large sticker of a puerto rican flag placed on the rear window along with stickers of their area code.
by Deeh May 16, 2008
noun, a bag of marijuana containing many seeds (also a racist term for a mexican or person of latin descent).
Let your boy know that Im not havin' it. This weed is fulla seeds. This fool can keep this fuckin bean bag Im not buying it.
by Deeh May 16, 2008
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