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The biggest Baddass in the history of Chinese Cinema. Also known as Chinese Hercules, Yang Sze, and Bolo. Bolo was a bodybuilder and martial artist prior to working in films. He is a massive physical pressence in every film he has appeared in, and he is usually the vilian's right hand man.

Bolo has appeared in films such as Enter the Dragon, Breathing Fire, Bloodsport and a movie series that he wasn't a villian in, Shootfighter

Bolo has worked with Bruce Lee, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Jim Kelly, and Fatty, whom he killed in his all time greatest picture, which he also directed,Bolo

As a side note, Bolo swam from China to Hong Kong to escape Communism.
Bolo Yeung is one of the original bad boys of chinese cinema!
by DeeTox December 23, 2005
A bad ass muthafuckin guitar player for the Minneapolis funk band The Time. Went Solo in 1986 with the bomb ass album Shockadelica. He rejoined The Time in 1990 for their album, Pandamonium. Left again, probably after Morris Day treated him like an asshole.

Jesse Johnson no longer plays with The Time? All they have is Morris and Jerome? Only a Cracka would pay $45 bucks to see them!
by DeeTox December 23, 2005
Deafula is an adaptation of Bram Stoker's novel Dracula. The story tries had to follow other film adaptations of the novel and has no spoken language, only sign language.
Deafula is Dracula for Deaf people.
by DeeTox December 23, 2005

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