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A Man Child is a fully-grown male that acts like a baby. A Man Child usually whines, complains, and thinks everything is unfair. Man Children in the workplace can be recognized as one who is always complaining about the rules and/or shows too much emotion ex. Crying.
"He was just crying at his desk, what a man child!"
by DeeFab430 July 29, 2009
The animal species classification for the Koopa Troopa enemies found in Nintendo's Mario Brothers games.
It's the worst when you die at the hands at one of those generally useless jumping turtleducks in SuperMario Bros.
by deefab430 January 25, 2010
Someone who, while driving a car, uses every red light or time the car comes to a stop, to look something up on Google.
Driving in rush hour traffic is no fun, but it makes for lots of opportunities to be a "Red Light Googler" and look up all my random thoughts.
by deefab430 January 18, 2012

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