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Someone who, after they have deficated in a toilet, without wiping, flushes and walks away
What Flawker has been in here? The dirty bastard!

I thought it was baked on, it must have been from this morning, he flushes and walks, the flawker!!
by Dee.Dee April 12, 2010
A fanny, which smells like fish and has not been washed for a while after being jebbed!
''Man, Did you smell her fish flaps?''

''You wouldn't believe what came out when I parted her fish flaps''

''Ooooo she's got big fish flaps''
by Dee.Dee April 12, 2010
A woman's lady garden.....
I just love to jeb her phlange factory....

Errr, look at her hairy phlange factory

Her phlange factory smells like rotten fish!

Her phlange factory is SO big, there's a family of Mexicans living in it!
by Dee.Dee April 12, 2010
A girl / boy who has greenery in their teeth gaps!
Cor Blimey, have you seen her Moss Chops, has she heard of floss?
by Dee.Dee April 12, 2010
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