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8 definitions by Dee Lauris

Marlboro cigarettes. The name comes from the old marlboro ads in which cowboys were portrayed smoking cigs, thus the name cowboy killers.
Cowboy killer 100s please!
by Dee Lauris September 29, 2004
Canisters of nitrous oxide that can be put into balloons and huffed for an intoxicating effect that lasts a few seconds.
Its for food making i swear
by Dee Lauris September 29, 2004
A marijuana blunt rolled with the roaches of other blunts inside it.
that generation got me so high
by Dee Lauris September 29, 2004
A form of experimental rock music from the late 70s early 80s originating in the underground music scene of New York. Styles ranged from screaming girls and offbeat drums, to synthesizers and Irish men screaming about being molested in Catholic school.
Now days, no wave has a different meaning. It is music that is shittily played and uses keyboards and tries to sound as much like some band from back in the day as possible.
Teenage Jesus and the Jerks, Nervous Gender, Le Shok
by Dee Lauris September 29, 2004
An instance in the smoking of marijuana where a pipe is passed around and one person goes off on a random thought, phrase, or story while holding the pipe and not hitting it, annoying everyone else in the rotation.
A pipe is passed, the person holding it goes "I remember this one time I smoked a lot of weed..." this weed smoking story is continued until the persons lights are punched out.
by Dee Lauris September 29, 2004
Doubling the sin is the act of smoking pot and using two lighters and enthusiastically yelling "double the sin!" Originated in 2003 when a young said "We are smoking, wouldn't jesus be mad at us?" Another young man responded "Yes, very well, double the sin!"
double the sin...niggas
by Dee Lauris September 29, 2004
To spit on the ground and put ones cigarette out in the saliva and leave it sticking upwards towards the sky.
"Dammit, I always get butts on my shoes because some dumbass keeps tree stumping"
by Dee Lauris September 29, 2004