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Derivative of the word herb, which is a slang term for someone being a looser or a dork.

Act of being herbasive.

A herb who acts like so constantly.
Omg!, your so damn herbasive.

You herbasive/ herbitchtive fuck!
by Dee Hook (c and trizzle) May 11, 2006
A person who is born with one testicle.

Someone who has lost a testicle or nut if you will.

A uni-nut.

clop(s)- (tic) - being in a state of one nuttedness.
Clops yo, clops.
Dude I heard hes a friggen clops.
I heard his voice and at that moment I realized he was either a woman, a nuttless man, or a clops.
by Dee Hook (c and trizzle) May 11, 2006

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