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Said after a kill is achieved on Rainbow Six 3 during Live play. "I Shoot You" is almost always followed by teabagging of the victim.
Yay!!! DadKennedy eliminated FatassVodkaChugger69 (Brandon Rodenbaugh). "I Shoot You"
by Deborah Stocker February 09, 2004
What the fuck are you talking about? Generally said following one of freestyle grant's raps.
Scurvy Grant: Blah Blah Blah...More bullshit...ubadubaduba...FUCK!


Coherent Person: Wuzyamen?
by Deborah Stocker February 26, 2004
A word you say to the other Legion baseball team when you are losing to make your team look like even bigger pieces of shit, even though it didnt seem possible following your coach's second DUI.
"Wow, look! It's 27-0! Time to whip out Aswa Essams and Vicrum Bijonki."
by Deborah Stocker February 16, 2004

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