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someone who you previously dated and parted with, only to get back together with later under the assumption they have changed. ie: like a tire being recycled into a playground.
Didn't they break up a year ago? Yea but she/he is his recycled girlfriend/boyfriend now.
by Deathany Darko June 02, 2010
having attitude due to a lack of testosterone or a femine type guy acting macho to compensate for a lack of male hormones.
He has such a TESTOSTERTUDE, with his leather jacket, motorcycle and wanna be bad boy front.

Don't give me TESTOSTERTUDE, i can read your ass like a book.
by Deathany Darko January 01, 2011
To point at something to show someone.
Lukit this tree.

Do you see that?......Lukit right there!
by Deathany Darko June 03, 2010

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