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1. life for the second half of summer and all of first semester
2. a group of 200 or so pervs
3. excuse as to why you didnt do your homework
4. filled with couples because we dont ever see anyone out side of marching band
5. your second family
6. band hall home away from home
7. bus second home away from home
8. color gaurd a bunch of girls, occasionaly guys, that get in your way on the field... BUT you love them anyways!
9. less acredited but waayy harder working than the football team
10. (last but not least) where you will live some of the best moments of your life
Non-band friend* what are you doing after school?
Bandie* marching band.
Non-band friend* what about friday night?
Bandie* marching band.
Non-band friend* saturday???
Bandie* marching band.
Non-band friend* next month?
by Dear Diary FourFourNine October 23, 2008

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