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(n) the ultimate of all insults, for which there is no comeback. Fighting words; only to be used for most hated enemies. Note - will inevitably result in escalation to violence.
“Hey boy, what’s that fine mama of yours doin’ tonite?”
“Don’t go there brother…”
“Why not? I would definitely hit that!”
"That’s it! You goin’ doooown, shanazarillashazbiznatchgaziza!"
#insult #fighting words #ultimate #bad #fight
by DeanoMax July 17, 2008
(noun) A wildly lavish or extravagant party, for private and elite guests only.
X: What are you doing tonite?

Y: I’m going to Dean’s Shambangino… didn’t you get the invite?

X: No! Why didn’t he invite me??

Y: Maybe it’s because you’re a shanazarillashazbiznatchgaziza.
#party #extravagant #elite #shanazarillashazbiznatchgaziza #fun
by DeanoMax August 13, 2008
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