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Bad-Beat is a nickname used by an internet forum poster who can sometimes be seen on different forums, internet chats and other internet related things. If you spot him, give yourself 10 points. The name 'Bad-Beat' can only be written with capitals 'B's. If you ever write the name with small b's then you are said to have 'failed'. The reason for the capital B's goes back to the 4th century, when farmers in Southern England would be working in the fields growing potatoes all the while spouting out new words and phrases. The many terms that Shakespeare has been creditted to can actually be traced back to these farmers. One day the farmers decided that some structure should be used in their phrases, the first new phrase that they invented after this grammar shift was, Bad-Beat, where they added in multiple capital letters, the first in history and a hyphen.
Bad-Beat likes a fine wine and cheese.
by Deano139 August 16, 2006

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