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To engage in work at your own pace while giving the impression of assigning it the highest of priorities. Due to the vague nature of the statement, once the true meaning is discovered, it is neither questioned nor criticized.

(First regained popularity as a phrase in the IT industry around late 1999 - early 2000.)
"I'll be all over getting these reports done like a donkey on a waffle!"
by Dean Webb October 27, 2004
Variation of pwnd. Pronounced "Pown-zored". To be beaten down good and hard, never to rise again without being pwnd and pwnd and pwnd again and again and again. In a word: pwnzrd.
Dude, I totally pwnzrd those n00bz at CT, HALO 2, and even Pong. They are the lamest of the lame.
by Dean Webb November 15, 2006
Mad Ape Den is a way to speak or write that will use words that are short. They have just one beat per word. Some words have two or more beats. Do not use them if you want to speak in Mad Ape Den. It can be hard to speak just in Mad Ape Den, but it can be done if you think hard and plan your words well.
Wow. I just read all of "Twelfth Night" in Mad Ape Den. That was cool. Who knew The Bard would sound so good in words so short?
by Dean Webb June 01, 2006
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