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JWOTD stand for japanese word of the day, and is a title for MissHannahMinx youtube videos.
It's time for the jwotd!
Oh really what is it!?
today's word is 小さい。
I can't read kanji.....
by Deadfruit August 31, 2011
A word that probably is a proper noun which is why it isn't in the dictionary. But because noone knows what it actually means it has just become a filler word to describe something noone knows.
Person 1: Dude WTF is that shit?

Person 2: That shits cannastra.
by DeadFruit November 29, 2011
A combination of swag and Aura.

Created by thatkidwitswagz & 2mama
Person 1: Look at that dude he has so much swag.

Person 2: Yea I can feel his Swagaura from here.
by DeadFruit November 15, 2011

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