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Hardcore fan of the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer.
Loved the books before there was even going to be a film, and did not jump on the bandwagon because the actors were sexy(If you did this then SHAME on you).

Twihards usually have at least 3 movie posters, either have lost count of how many times they've read the book or keep a running count, and frequently quote the books in serious situations... and then get glared at by the people around them =P.
The best breed of fangirl. ;)

NOTE: Just because you've done the three examples doesn't automatically make you a twihard.=D
Girl: Hey, want some popcorn?
Twihard: 'You brought a snack?'xD

-Random Situation In Which Feathers Are Thrown (Oh It's Happened)-

Twihard- 'Why Am I Covered In Feathers?'
by DeadGirlRocks March 28, 2009

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