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The female version of the males' 'Abuse the noodle'.

To masturbate.

Best used through the means of teledildonics aka phone shag.
Man: Ahh yeah baby I'm abusing the noodle. Whack your pastry for me.

Woman: I'll whack the pastry for you, baby.
by DeadDolleh June 29, 2009
The not-so-distant, hipper and cooler cousin of Eargasm who originates the most jizzmatic city in the world which is London, which is the act of orgasming upon hearing something, usually guitar riffs.
Karen: What the hell is that woman doing in the living room, Kel? There's something wrong with her face.

Kel: Who... Ella? She's watching Muse on Youtube.

Karen: Shit... I think she's earjizzing.
by DeadDolleh July 05, 2009
A term for a word that has pages of different definitions on UrbanDick.
Dude: Shit, did you see how many definitions on Jackalope there are in UrbanDick?

Dudette: Yeah, shitloads. It's uber Dicked-Up.
by DeadDolleh July 04, 2009
Anal being a sexy word. Not as in the act of anal sex but in the sense that you are so anal about spelling and gramatical perfection it's sexy.

Mint means to describe something that is so sinfully good, it's almost morally-wrong.

Therefore, mash the two words together and you get Anal Mint which is the Holy Grail of everything wonderful and orgasmic.
Dudette: Tell me this video of Muse isn't mint. It's like he's fingering his six-string damnit.

Dude: It's more than mint. It's Anal Mint.
by DeadDolleh July 05, 2009
The arsehole who set the bed on fire after falling asleep with a lit post-shag fag.
Uncle: Did you hear about that lad next door that set the bed and his missus on fire?

Nephew: Cor blimey! Was he that great in bed then?

Uncle: Boy, he lit a fag and passed out post-shag.

Nephew: What an igniteafuck!
by DeadDolleh July 04, 2009

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