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The TAKS test (Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills) is a standardized test for the state of Texas. This test provides yet another reason why Texas is one of the worst states you can reside in.

Every year starting from...probably third grade or so, (I actually can't remember nor do I care) we are forced to take this testing packet every spring that was made by hackjobs. The reason it's so corrupt is that it perverts the true meaning of a test. ALL year, the curriculum is soiled with TAKS preparation activities, replacing meaningful projects and lessons pertaining to life, money, and what have you. Not only do students hate it, but teachers blame the downfall of education itself for the Lone Star State on the TAKS.

It's just a vicious cycle. Are we getting increasingly stupid, or is the TAKS just getting easier? The dang test is just for recognition. I think they make it easier for Texas to look better. (How freaking egotistical.)
BUT, with that being said, students around me are still getting scores on the TAKS so low that I want to slap them in the face.

So, let's recap. TAKS is fermenting the fruit of our minds with re-taught crap we learned from sixth grade so that Texas can get education recognition and grants, but students (MOSTLY in High School, trust me. I don't know if it's this insipid "gangstuh" fad that causes minds to retrogress into a turd-like state or the space-time continuum depending on the old teenage correlation with rebellion/coolness and being stupid.) still get low 70's on it. Don't you see the deadly circle of stupidity? If not, well, read up on it some more.

I don't think the test is "GHEY."
I think it's SATANIC.
The TAKS test needs to go. Take this from an educated freshman.
by DeaSemana March 27, 2009

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