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Sneaky politician, tries to hard to be politically correct before the up-coming election.

i.e: agreeing with everything John Howard say's of late to keep out of any contraversey.

Kevin Rudd is the federal labour leader of Australia and is therefore dictated strongly by the corrupt Workers Union, a labour federal government will destroy Australia and it's economy as we know it.
Boss of a company: Jim I think you've got the job, well done!
Jim: Gee whilickers! thanks boss!
Union: Jim deserves to earn more money, the boss has to much money.
Kevin Rudd: Yes master..
Union: The boss is the enemy! they create the jobs for the workers but they should pay higher wages and become broke!
Kevin Rudd: Yes master whatever you say master..
Union: The boss' will pay higher wages until they are broke! then we have won!
Kevin Rudd: But if there are no boss' where will Australia's jobs come from?
Kevin Rudd: Yes master..The boss is the enemy master..
by DeMoNiCNdLuCeFeRiC August 16, 2007
Strong Str hero from the awesome online game DOTA or defense of the ancients.

This hero relies heavily upon nightime in the game to destroy other hero's.
Night stalker or Balanar hunts mercilessly at night taking down hero's at their own tower.
During day night stalker should just farm up, gain some nice items, maybe KS a few times with void while waiting for night time where any decent player should be able to godlike.
I_own_u (keeper of the light): care guys, its night time
Balanar just pwned I_own_u's head for an extra 235 gold!
Nightstalker is beyond godlike! somebody kill him! (holy shit)
by DeMoNiCNdLuCeFeRiC August 19, 2007

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