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3 definitions by Daylene

Like popola is the spanish slang term to the female's vagina, Papalo is spanish slang term for the male's penis.
"Papi dame el papalo"
by Daylene June 28, 2006
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Slang term for homosexual.
A true queer, feminine gay man, flamboyant, flaming queen.
Queer Homosexual Faggot
That queer-a-sexual has colorful feathers on his gay hat.

The queer-a-sexual jumps for joy to know that super fantastically gay marathon is going to run again this thursday.

You're such a queer-a-sexual.

Queer-a-sexual Thursdays in Studio 6969&96.

What a figgety fag that faggatoid queer-a-sexual.

Little Johhny is a queer-a-sexual too!!!
by Daylene June 28, 2006
10 20
Faggotoids are the super hero fags such as "The Ambiguously Gay Duo" on SNL's T.V. Fun House.

While the figgety fags are the side kicks of the faggotoids such as "Robin" from "Batman".
The faggotoids & figgety fags in this movie wear special thongs underneath their costumes.

Figgety fags are great.

The faggotoids and figgety fags join to fight the queer-a-sexual from becoming the flaming queen of Got-Ham city.

I like the glutes on that faggotoid.

The figgety fag has plumpy ones too!
by Daylene June 29, 2006
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